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Iglo Austria

Since 2012, currycom and Käpt’n Iglo have formed a strong team. The annual PR service package for Iglo comprises strategic communications consultancy in corporate and product PR matters. The measures conceived and implemented by currycom aim to enlighten people about frozen food and, by giving tips, to enable them to be inspired in the kitchen and also encourage them to eat safely and sensibly. Last but not least, the team also worked together with Liechtenecker to create the digital presence of Iglo.

Client: Iglo Austria
Project type: all-year client
Client since: 2012
Branch: food, trade
Team (in alphabetical order): Julia Burgholzer, Christina Fragner, Barbara Fuchs-Puchner
Photo credits (in order of appearance): Iglo Austria/Bernhard Noll, Iglo Austria/APA-Fotoservice/Martin Hörmandinger, Iglo Austria/APA-Fotoservice/Martin Hörmandinger