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IG Immobilien Management GmbH

As a client since the very beginning, IG Immobilien has been relying on currycom since 2003. Here the range of services goes from classic public relations onto the conception and design of a high-quality customer magazine and strategic communications consultancy. In 2015, in addition to exciting new housing projects, currycom also provided support for the communications activities regarding the 25th anniversary of IG Immobilien.

Client: IG Immobilien Management GmbH
Project type: all-year client
Client since: 2003
Branch: real estate
Team (in alphabetical order): Stefan Deller, Barbara Goldschmidt, Julia Hosch
Photo credits (in order of appearance): IG Immobilien/currycom, IG Immobilien, IG Immobilien/Stephan Huger