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CSM Austria GmbH

CSM Bakery Solutions

currycom is pleased to be able to provide support for communication to CSM Bakery Solutions in Austria, enabling it to be part of one of the most traditional of all branches: the baker’s trade. Together with currycom, CSM provides high-quality products and management services to support traditional artisanal bakers in particular. For CSM, currycom handles the strategic communications activities needed for dealing with clients, the media and other stakeholders.

Client: CSM Austria GmbH
Project type: all-year client
Client since: 2015
Branch: food/manufacture of baking products
Team (in alphabetical order): Martina Pehsl, Florentina Perschy, Klaus Jürgen Wegenstein
Photo credits (in order of appearance): Klaus Jürgen Wegenstein/currycom

12. May 2016